1. 5 Foodie-Inspired Pet Food Trends

    How are Americans’ eating habits translating to the pet food aisle? Gluten-free. Organic. Ingredients we can pronounce. Human food has done a complete 180 in recent decades, turning its back on Spam®, Jell-O® and other culinary conveniences of yesteryear. Today’s Americans want their meals fresh, lean and made of interesting ingredients, harvested from the farm […]

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  2. Against the Grain: Consumer Perception and the Science of a Grain-Free Pet Diet

    According to many pet owners, grain-free is the way to be. But what does the science say, and should retailers go all in on this growing trend? In a country that’s heavily influenced by the latest weight loss tactics and alternative diet trends, products labeled as “low glycemic index,” “low carb” and “gluten-free” are finding […]

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