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Pet Food & Treat Exports

Building or expanding a global pet food brand is no simple thing. Logistics and shipping – actually getting the product from U.S. manufacturing plants to overseas consumers – is only the tip of the iceberg.

Tricky regulatory landscapes in both the country of origin and the destination must be navigated, and local standards and trends must be accounted for in product composition, branding and packaging. Put another way: When it comes to exports, it pays to partner with the pet food experts.

American Nutrition Can Help

American Nutrition offers the formulation expertise, turnkey production capabilities and export experience you need to grow your brand globally. Whether you’re an American company looking to break into a new market, an international manufacturer looking for overflow capacity, or a distributor or retailer looking to expand your portfolio—we have a solution for you.

ANI is currently approved to ship product to 19 countries from our three U.S. manufacturing facilities, with more being added each year. From APHIS and other export and health certificates to country-specific plant inspections and certifications, we provide the experience, counsel and guidance you need to safely and effectively tap into global markets.

ANI Pet Food & Treat Exports

At ANI, we pride ourselves in serving as a manufacturing and logistics partner for pet food brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers broadening their global footprint. We provide:

  • R&D and formulation based on global or country-specific standards
  • Vendor inspection and ingredient selection
  • Manufacturing at state-of-the-art plants in Washington, Utah and Pennsylvania
  • Rigorous micro testing & product QA specific to customer and country requirements
  • Instant infrastructure for brands and private label pet food, including localized packaging and branding and collateral design
  • Support and guidance dealing with APHIS, USDA, and destination regulations
  • Assistance dealing with manufacturing overflow and surges
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