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We Build Relationships

Meet the Leadership Team

As a family-owned company, our leadership team puts an emphasis on relationships both within our company and with our partners and customers.


President & CEO

“Quality starts with people. The systems, processes and procedures we have so carefully designed to produce high quality pet foods are merely great plays in our playbook. It is our people individually and our team collectively that execute those plays that make us winners in the industry. The engagement and utter enthusiasm of our people to do better, make better products and provide the best service is what makes us great. That’s special. That tells me we’re doing things the right way. Better yet, our shared values and the vision to be the best in the business combined with our genuine care and concern for each other on a personal level gives a whole new meaning to ‘family’ business.”


Senior Vice President & CFO

“Our goal is to be as seamless as possible with our partners. We call it being an “in-house manufacturer.” To us that means aligning our goals with our customers’ goals. A big part of that is customer service and support. Doing business with American Nutrition isn’t just a business transaction. Our best customers are the ones who’ve been with us the longest because they see and feel the value of true partnership. That’s just another way our family values come into play. When a product goes out the door with ‘Made and packaged by American Nutrition, Inc.’, it’s important to us that our customers see that as following through on our promise of doing it better.”


Senior Vice President Of Technical Services

“I’ve been here 29 years, and while some products and processes have changed with the times, the attitude is still the same as it was in the early days. We often talk about exceeding expectations here. That’s one thing that never goes away. Our industry is more competitive now than at any time in the past. We have to get it right the first time, every time. That’s a high bar, but it’s part of how we became successful and we know our customers are counting on us to reach that goal in every bag or box we sell.”


Senior Vice President Of Sales & Marketing

“Being a great partner goes far beyond just making quality pet foods. While safety and nutrition are always the most important aspects of our business, we take a lot of pride in being what we call a ‘complete partner’. That means providing guidance on packaging creation, specialized formulations, and all the logistics to deliver their product on time.”


Director – Research & Development

“Our customers think of their pets as family members, and as such, are looking for a manufacturer who takes the same level of care in preparing a meal as they would in doing it themselves. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Our commitment is no compromise and no variance – ever. We keep this promise through quality, wholesome ingredients, uncompromised sanitation of our facilities, and traceability from farm to bowl.”


VP of Manufacturing

“Every member of the American Nutrition team, myself included, has a genuine concern for people and their pets. That concern is evidenced in every corner of the company as we work to deliver on our promise of manufacturing high-quality, cost-competitive pet food and treats. We pledge to continue to deliver on that promise without resting on our laurels. Together, we aim to exceed expectations so that we can earn our place in customers’ homes as they seek to feed their pets the very best.”


VP – Management Information Systems/Business Intelligence

“Our team at American Nutrition has worked hard to build the reputation that we’re known for. While quality and safety are always key factors, we believe being a great partner and having a genuine heart for our customers and their pets is equally as important. So as we continue to deliver on making the highest quality pet food, we also focus on distributing a seamless interaction with our customers – ensuring our team consistently has a 360-degree view of what they’re looking for.”