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American Nutrition Launches Research Study

American Nutrition, a custom manufacturer that produces pet food and treats for branded companies and retailers, is pleased to announce it has commissioned a market research study to help better the industry’s understanding of consumer preferences for dry pet food.

“At American Nutrition, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality products that align with a consumer’s wants and needs,” said Steve Mills, senior vice president of customer brands, American Nutrition. “To that end, we have embarked on a much-needed, industry-wide market research study that will lend insight that everyone in the industry will benefit from. The results of the research study will provide retailers with the data needed to make informed decisions about future products that meet consumer needs.”

For every survey completed, American Nutrition will make a donation to the Arizona Pet Project.

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About American Nutrition, Inc.

American Nutrition is a family-owned pet food and treat manufacturing company headquartered in Utah. Their passion for pets has earned them a sterling reputation for superior products with a focus on innovative, nutritious and delicious pet foods and treats that surpass the strictest AAFCO and FDA requirements. With over four decades in the pet food business, American Nutrition offers formulation expertise, marketplace intelligence and turnkey production capabilities. With three world-class, USA-located SQF level 3 production facilities to service a domestic and international customer base, American Nutrition is the premier choice for your pet food and treat manufacturing needs.

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